Waitrose Form Buying Alliance With Booths

Waitrose and independent supermarket group Booths have combined forces to create a buying alliance.
The deal, announced yesterday, will involve the two retailers sharing cost prices and deal structures on a range of branded food products purchased by both supermarkets, which will allow the pair to take advantage of similarities between them and benefit from greater economies of scale.
Commenting on the deal, Waitrose managing director Mark Price said: “There are already many similarities between the Waitrose and Booths brands in terms of our focus on food quality, provenance of our products and customer service.”
“This buying alliance will benefit customers of both Waitrose and Booths for the long term by ensuring that prices within both shops are highly competitive through greater supply initiatives.”
Booths chairman Edwin Booth added: “We are looking forward to the alliance between Waitrose and Booths enabling us to continue to trade strongly to the benefit of our customers.”
Upmarket retailer Waitrose is Britain’s fifth largest supermarket group with 192 stores nationwide, while independent grocer Booths has 26 stores based in the north of England .

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