0% Interest Credit Cards

0% Interest Credit Cards

Zero percent (0%) interest credit cards offer you an interest free period on purchases at the start of your credit card’s life.

These cards are very appealing, particularly the idea of spending hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on a credit card without accruing interest.

What you must remember is that if you spend more than you can afford to pay off within the interest free period then the interest will quickly build once the free period is over.

What about card repayments?

It is also worth noting that you still have to make the minimum card payments, usually a percentage of the outstanding balance each month, during the interest free period.

Interest free periods on purchases with new credit cards can offer great benefits, such as being able to spend what you usually would for a period of time but only paying off a minimal amount while the money earns interest in a savings account.

It is still important to plan and keep record of your spending with an interest free credit card, they do not offer some kind of interest get out of jail free pass, at least not on a long term basis.

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