Tips for Saving Money on Petrol and Diesel

Tips for Saving Money on Petrol and Diesel

Soaring fuel costs is the single biggest worry for most UK motorists. By making small changes to your driving habits you can make a huge difference in your pocket.

How can I save on fuel?

Here are 15 ways to reduce your fuel bill.

  • Regular Servicing – make sure the plugs, engine oil and oil filters are regularly maintained. A dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine, which decreases performance and economy.
  • Keep your tyres inflated – lower tyre pressure increases the drag on the car which means more fuel is used. Check tyre pressure regularly.
  • De-clutter the car – the heavier the car, the more fuel required to keep it moving. By removing things like unused roof racks and emptying the boot will increase the car efficiency.
  • Don’t fill it up – fuel adds weight which in return uses up more fuel. Fill up more often and keep it half full for more efficiency saving.
  • Avoid braking and stopping, which are the 2 biggest fuel wasters. Instead anticipate the road ahead and drift the last few hundred yards to a junction, using up the stored fuel.
  • Be gentle on the accelerator pedal. Speed up slowly, this way you will get the speed but with much less fuel. Revving the car uses so much unnecessary fuel.
  • Use correct gears. As a rule drive in the highest gear without labouring the engine.
  • Open windows instead of using the air conditioning, although the drag created by open windows will also use up extra fuel.
  • Avoid using things that drain the battery – eg rear window heater, air conditioning and heaters.
  • Avoid idling the car for long periods of time, switch off the engine.
  • Try to maintain a constant speed. Speeding and slowing down uses up more fuel.
  • Find the cheapest petrol or diesel by shopping around and take advantage of supermarket fuel deals.
  • Walk, use public transport or car share if possible.
  • Avoid travelling at peak times, thus avoiding the stop start scenario
  • Convert your engine to run on liquid petroleum gas (LPG). It costs less than unleaded and diesel.

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