Reduce Your Gas Bills

Reduce Your Gas Bills

Changing your energy supplier is one of the most simple and quick ways of saving money on your energy bills. The energy market is complicated and a supplier could have a better short term deal with another one having a cheaper long term deal.

Beat the Energy Price Rises

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Top tips for comparison of gas prices

The cheapest gas prices that are available for you are dependent on several factors including:

  • Your postcode
  • Your usage
  • Your tariff
  • The payment method of your choice

By comparison of gas prices you are guaranteed the cheapest tariff available.

Our top five tips to enable to compare gas prices and save you money on your energy bills:

1. Calculate energy prices

Compare gas prices by using our online energy calculator. It is the simplest way of discovering the amount you can save on your bills save by changing to a less expensive supplier.

To compare gas prices by using our energy calculator you will need to request your present supplier to provide you with the details of your present annual kWh usage (energy consumption), and enter the details online. Should you not have details of your energy consumption, you can enter the number of bedrooms you have in your home into the calculator.

The online energy calculator is able to then compare gas prices for you and show you the amount you can save by changing suppliers.

2. Energy tarifffs

The most cheap gas prices you will get are those that you manage online. These tariffs will also be those you apply for over the Internet.

The cheapest online gas tariff that British Gas presently supplies is the WebSaver 6. However, gas prices depend on where you live and also your energy use. You really ought to conduct an online comparison in order to ensure that you select an energy supplier and tariff to meet your requirements.

Self managing your account means that your supplier saves money on admin costs like postage, paper and meter readers; these savings are then, in turn, passed to you. Another benefit of paperless billing is that you erase the risk of overpaying or underpaying estimated bills.

The majority of suppliers offer discounts on dual fuel; you should sign up to gas and electricity from the same supplier so you can receive a dual fuel tariff.

3. Payments of energy bills

Choosing to pay your energy bills by monthly direct debit is the most cost effective way of paying your gas bill. Most suppliers provide discounts to customers who pay by this method because it ensures bills are paid on time. British Gas, with its WebSaver tariff, provides savings of up to £73 to customers who pay both their gas and electricity bills via direct debit.

You will not have to pay a penalty to your energy supplier for not opting to pay by direct debit. However, you are not going to be able to receive the extra discounts offered by energy companies as a reward for ensuring that you always pay on time, i.e., by direct debit.

4. Being energy efficient

Lots of householders have found themselves facing higher gas and electricity bills after the increases in energy prices in 2009.

It is important to make your home more energy efficient by reducing your consumption of gas, thereby lowering your bills; there are easy measures you can take like turning down your central heating thermostat a few degrees.

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