GBP12 Little Black Dress On Sale At Asda

Asda is offering shoppers the chance to pick up a glamorous little black dress for just £12.
The supermarket’s George clothing label has unveiled two versions of the versatile dress in response to research showing that the average consumer will have no more than £50 to spend on evening wear this winter, making affordable clothing much more important.
The little black dresses, designed specially for the George range, went on sale yesterday and will be available online from next week.
Asda’s research confirmed that black was perceived by women as the most timeless and versatile colour, with 80 per cent of those surveyed saying they would be more likely to spend money on black clothing than anything else.
“The little black dress is timeless, rarely wavering in popularity since it began over 80 years ago,” commented George brand director Fiona Lambert.
“Men love the little black dress too; in our survey 74 per cent say it’s their favourite outfit on a woman.
“Customers want classic lines that they can wear for longer and impulse buys are becoming a thing of the past as the nation moves further away from disposable fashion to something more durable,” she added.
Advertising for the new dresses features two “ordinary” women after George announced a new strategy to use ‘real’ people in all its advertising .
The little black dress first became a fashion favourite in 1926, when a picture of a short black Chanel dress was published in Vogue magazine.
The chic piece of clothing has since remained in fashion and was last year voted the top must-have for a woman’s wardrobe.

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