Tesco Not In Favour Of Stocking GM Foods

Tesco has confirmed that it has no intention of introducing genetically modified (GM) foods in its stores.
Despite wide spread speculation that the UK’s largest supermarket groups are in talks to reinstate the controversial GM crops onto their shelves, Britain’s largest retailer has revealed that it has no intention of doing so because its customers are not keen on them.
A Tesco spokesperson said: “Our position is that we are led by customers and customers do not appear to want them at the moment.”
The speculation comes after GM ingredients were banned from UK stores a decade ago following reports that they could be bad for people’s health .
Clare Oxborrow, senior food campaigner for Friends of the Earth, recently dubbed GM foods “Frankenstein food “.
Parents preparing to send their children back to school this week were recently advised to ditch pre-packaged foods and concentrate on packing lunchboxes with fresh foods such as ham and cheese wraps, crunchy carrots and pita bread pizzas .