Motoring, Petrol & Travel

Motoring, Petrol & Travel

Save money on travelling – whether it’s saving on petrol, saving on your car costs, plane or train with our money saving travel guides.

We all need to get about – and with fuel costs mounting, the Money Saving Forum is the best place to share fuel saving tips, hints and experiences.

Petrol Prices
Guides to finding the cheapest fuel, finding local petrol stations and tips on how to save money on petrol.
Petrol station finder

Find a petrol station in the UK
Compare petrol prices
Get the highest, lowest and average price of petrol
Save money on petrol
Tips for getting the most out of each litre of petrol, diesel or biofuel
Save money on motoring

Tips and hints on driving more efficiently that will help you save
Money Saving
Fuel Calculators
Calculators and tools to help you figure out how much you’re spending on fuel – whether it’s petrol or diesel.
Saving Money on Travelling
Our flight travel guides can help you save money on your airfare and associated costs no matter where you’re going.