UK Operations

In the UK, Tesco operates six different store formats, each distinguished by size and the range of products sold.

  • Tesco Superstores – Tesco superstores are the company’s standard store format. These large supermarkets stock and sell all groceries along with a large range of non-food products. They also offer an in-store pharmacy.
  • Tesco Extra – Tesco Extra stores are the retailer’s large out-of-town hypermarkets (second in size behind superstores) which stock nearly all of Tesco’s product ranges.
  • Tesco Metro – Metro stores are medium-sized stores (sized between Tesco superstores and Tesco Express stores) that offer a range of food lines.
  • Tesco Express – Express stores are convenience shops that are mainly located on Esso petrol station forecourts. Most of their stock consists of food, with an emphasis on higher-margin products alongside everyday essentials.
  • Tesco Homeplus – Homeplus stores offer all of Tesco’s ranges, except food, in warehouse-style units based in retail parks. These large units feature an Order and Collect desk where customers can purchase and collect most items without delay.
  • One Stop – One Stop stores are the very smallest Tesco stores. These stores work on a different pricing to all the other store formats and are also distinguished by their later opening hours.