Is it worth paying extra?

It is completely dependent on the consumer, their budget and what they want.

There are a couple of products it may be worth paying extra for in order to get full nutrients and satisfaction with the produce, this could include meat, eggs and fish.

The human body gets its energy from the food we consume so it is important to eat quality food to keep running smoothly. It is not necessarily required to buy 100 percent organic but buying the best you can afford could be beneficial.

Buying cheaper meat

Cheap meats from the supermarket are often chewy and tasteless, for a little extra money there are much better options available.

When buying chicken in particular, it is always best to opt for free range as opposed to battery-farmed produce, not only will it taste a lot better you will also have the peace of mind the chicken had a slightly better life than some.

Also it is often better value as the battery chickens are plumped up with water which just evaporates when they are cooked leaving the consumer with little more than skin and bones.

Similarly, most consumers will agree that free range eggs are normally a better quality and taste much nicer than the battery-farmed alternatives with little difference in cost; customer satisfaction could easily outweigh the extra expenditure.

Toilet roll

Is it worth paying extra for luxury toilet roll? With the likes of Andrex and Charmin competing for the softest loo roll is it worth slacking on the payment and opting to use cheap paper that would arguably be put to better use as an industrial sander?

There’s no definitive answer

There are mixed opinions on this topic – some see it as why would you pay any extra for a brand name when all the product is being used for is to wipe your bum but the other side of the coin regards cheap toilet paper as a false economy seeing the basic paper quality as being “only good for making the bowl splash-proof”.