Do Supermarket Own Brands Taste as Good?

There are mixed reviews on the flavours of supermarket own products in comparison to known brands, completing a blind taste test could answer this question.

Trade a pack of your families’ favourite biscuits for the basics equivalent this week, put them in the biscuit tin without the wrappers and see if anyone notices any difference, if not, you know you could get them again and save a fair amount on your weekly shopping bill.

Deciding whether or not to buy branded products can often have a large media influence or simply just ‘what we are used to’, if we eat Kelloggs corn flakes, the majority of people will claim that supermarket own ‘flaked corn’ is never as good.

When in fact they just don’t taste the SAME as Kelloggs and consumers choosing the branded products over supermarkets own maybe simply be due to what our taste buds are used to.

According to numerous self confessed ex-employees of factories where both branded products and supermarket own products are made, there are only slight differences between them.

For example, Marks and Spencers reportedly only use products with a journey time from farm to product in less than three days. In comparison, Sainsbury’s allow up to seven days, this could mean it is worth paying a little more for M&S products rather than Sainsbury’s.

In addition to this, employees have also reported that the differences between supermarket own and branded products are the quantities and quality of the ingredients, for example an ex-employee of Palethorpes, a company that makes things like pork pies, sausage rolls and quiches for Marks and Spencers, Sainsbury and ASDA claimed the only variations between the products that were made for the different supermarkets was the spices used in the sauces and the quality of meat.

Therefore, potentially there could be variations in both the taste and the quality of the products we buy at the different supermarkets.