Store formats

Sainsbury’s operates three main store formats; regular Sainsbury’s stores (‘Main Mission’), Sainsbury’s Local and Central stores (‘Mixed Mission’) and Sainsbury’s hypermarket stores (‘Main Plus’).

  • Main Mission – These stores represent a typical Sainsbury’s supermarket. Each of the 500-plus supermarket stores generally stocks around 50,000 food and non-food lines, of which around 20% are “own-label” goods. Product ranges include the company’s ‘Basics’ economy range, the ‘Taste the Difference’ premium food lines and the ‘Sainsbury’s Organic’ range. Non-food items include clothing and a range of electrical goods such as TVs, DVD players and recorders, cameras and microwaves.
  • Mixed Mission The ‘Mixed Mission’ format incorporates Sainsbury’s Central and Local formats, which are the company’s smaller supermarket stores and convenience stores. The majority of the 300-plus ‘Mixed Mission’ stores are located in urban areas of large town and cities.
  • Main Plus – The largest format of stores is internally branded ‘Main Plus’. These hypermarkets, which used to be know as ‘Sainsbury’s SavaCentre ‘ stores, occupy a wide range of both grocery and non-food lines.