Tesco reduces availability of beers in stock reshuffle

Tesco reduces availability of beers in stock reshuffle

Tesco has reduced the number of Heineken products stocked by over half, with Brexit and the rise of craft beer cited as the main causes.

Among the products that will no longer be sold in Tesco stores are Amstel, Sol, Tiger Beer and Kingfisher. Heineken’s own lager cans and bottles will also be impacted, with there being a reduction in the variety and availability, including the removal of larger multipacks.

Tesco is currently in the midst of a full stock reshuffle, which has been named Project Reset, and will be removing a number of products that are not selling well. The retailer is also battling to ensure that suppliers do not raise prices following Brexit.

Heineken has said publicly that it may have to raise prices by an average of 6p per pint, due to not being able to handle the financial effects of various issues. Another huge factor in the decision is believed to be the rise of craft beers, beers produced by small breweries and sold increasingly in British pubs.

Tesco is dramatically increasing the number of craft beers available, from just two different kinds to around 30 varieties; this follows a successful trial in its ‘Express’ stores. Tesco is Britain’s biggest retailer and previously stoked 53 different Heineken, including different products and pack sizes, but will stock only 22 in future. Fosters Gold, Radlers and Rocks have all been removed from shelves and Fosters will only be available in packs of four and 20.

Heineken have issued a statement, saying: “Shoppers will continue to find a broad range of our fantastic beer and cider brands in Tesco.”

A Tesco spokeswoman said the move was part of regular reviews to meet customer demand, adding: “We continue to offer customers a great range of beer, lager and cider.”