Shops prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Shops prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Retailers are gearing up for the Black Friday rush, which will see thousands of items on offer in stores and online a month prior to Christmas.

Supermarkets and other retailers will be offering big discounts on 25 November (Black Friday), while there will also be online sales on 28 November (Cyber Monday). This isn’t all either, as many companies are offering deals already, and will continue to do so right up until Christmas Eve.

Many of these companies have newsletters which you can sign up to, which will be able to inform you about upcoming deals and potentially even special ‘member’ discounts.

Asda is not expected to join in with the Black Friday sales, along with Next, Apple and Ikea, among others, but most retailers will be. Amazon is always one of the most well-known retailers offering big savings for Black Friday, often on the latest games consoles and laptops to whichever shoppers are quickest to buy.

Black Friday originates from the US, where shops would offer big discounts the day after Thanksgiving. However, nowadays the term more or less refers to the whole two weeks of sales, culminating on Cyber Monday, rather than just the Friday.

The sales provide a great opportunity to find the best toys, games, TVs, laptops, jewellery and more just in time for Christmas, at a reduced price.