Morrisons may now overtake Asda as the cheapest of the big four supermarkets

It is possible that Morrisons will overtake Asda as the cheapest of the big four stores.
The company is expected to report an improvement in its sales during an annual report on Thursday.
The firm, after months of hardship, was finally reinstated on the FTSE 100 list, and only because of a large amount of effort into cutting prices and attracting customers.
Apparently Which? have said that Morrisons have managed to overtake Asda as the cheapest supermarket of the big four stores, and that Asda have held the title of the cheapest every month since July 2013.
But being the cheapest doesn’t mean that Morrisons is out of the woods yet. There is still a lot of financial strain on the company.
The superstore is currently dealing with the backlash of a large data breach, which has not done a lot for its reputation.
However, the store would seem to be getting back on track, and hopefully recent deals with Amazon, a trade tie-up which should benefit both companies, will help it on its way.