Morrisons contest liability as 5,000 employees seek compensation

Morrisons have filed a defence, arguing against its liability for a data breach in 2014, which saw the names, addresses and bank details of up to 100,000 employees stolen and posted online.
Over 5,000 of those employees are suing for damages, and will “vigorously contest” the defence of the retailer, maintaining that the supermarket is responsible for the breach.
Morrisons have said that they are not responsible because the data leak was down to the actions of a rogue individual.
The individual in question was Andrew Skelton, who was employed as a senior internal auditor. Morrisons have stated that there was no financial loss incurred to any of the employees involved.
They have also spent £2m in developing protection and tightening security.
Skelton was jailed for eight years back in March 2014 for his involvement.
The company dealing with the damage claims from the employees is Group Litigation Order (GLO) and the number of those claiming has more than doubled in the last year, rising from 2,000 to 5,000.
However, a cut off point for those employees to claim has been issued for the 8th of April this year, so anyone wanting to claim will have to have registered that claim by then.
This isn’t a good thing for Morrisons to have on its record, especially when it needs to be gathering customers to keep afloat while the discount stores are draining away the market shares of the big four stores.