Find out which supermarket has the best hot cross buns this Easter

At Easter, it is hard to tell which is a better treat; an Easter Egg or a Hot Cross Bun. If you prefer the latter, then read on, as an independent taste test has worked out which supermarket chain has the best hot cross buns.
Out of ten supermarket ranges, Marks and Spencer came top, scoring 81 per cent for their premium pack of four hot cross buns. However, they do come at a price of £1.60 for a the pack.
Asda’s Bakers’ Selection pack of four were a fair bit cheaper, costing just £1.00, and they scored quite highly too. They were awarded 73 per cent.
In a surprising third place, just missing out on second at a score of 72 per cent, Lidl’s pack of 6 hot cross buns impressed testers. And, costing just 89p for all six, Lidl absolutely trump both Asda and Marks and Spencer’s in terms of price. Apparently, Lidl’s offering had a high fruit content and a good flavour.
Lidl was joined in third place by the Co-operative’s Lived By Us buns, scoring 72 per cent as well, but at £1.00 for a pack of six, they cost just that bit extra.
Aldi’s Easter treats didn’t score as well as it’s fellow German discounter, only just making it over 60 per cent.
Likewise, Waitrose didn’t meet its premium brother, Marks and Spencer at the top of the list, scoring 63 of 100 on the testing, and costing £1.69 for a pack of four. The Waitrose hot cross buns were described as “dense, too doughy, and too pale.”
The research was carried out by Cambridge Market Reseatrch, looking at the standard hot cross buns which litter the marker, filled with dried fruit and spices. They also avoided buns that were baked at bakeries inside the superstores.