Morrisons offer Oysters for 25p each for Valentines Day

Morrisons are trying to rope in those customers who are head-over-heels in love this week, as they put the cheapest oysters in the market on their shelves.
The romantic shellfish will be perfect for a romantic meal this Sunday, as Valentines rolls round for the year.
Normally, oysters sit at a premium cost in the more high end stores, but Morrisons will be selling them, it is reported, for just 25p each. This contrasts other prices elsewhere which can climb as high as £5.
The supermarket says that they want customers to be able to live a “champagne lifestyle at the price of a fishfinger,” while the seafood buyer for the company, Adam Cotton, assured that the

Morrisons “fishmongers are ready to help customers who are worried about how to serve and eat them.”
Morrisons have struggled a lot over the last year, as throughout last year they closed a series of stores across the country. It shows that they are trying to offer deals tailored to customers and what people want and need, and an awareness of their market. However, the cheap price on the oysters will last only until Valentine’s day.