Asda release Wonky Veg Box

Asda are today debuting their new initiative to cut down on wasted food – the wonky veg box. It will contain enough veg for a family of four for an entire week, it is claimed.
The box, affectionately termed the “Asda Wonky Veg Box” celebrates vegetables of all shapes and sizes, which normally would not make their way to the shelf.
There has been a lot of issue and criticism of the big supermarkets in the country for the amount of food that is wasted through their stores.
The price of the box reportedly stands at £3.50, 30% cheaper than customers could expect from similar, more ‘shelf friendly’ produce.
The discount reflects the fact that growth cracks, misshapenness, or other minor malformations may make it harder for people to peel and use, or limit the amount of the vegetable that they can make use of.
The veg box is to contain carrots, peppers, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, leeks, onions and parsnips.
1% of the UK’s food waste is apparently generated by supermarkets, and although this doesn’t sound like a lot, it equates to 200,000 tonnes of food – thrown out because it doesn’t appear perfect enough to be put on the shelves.
The use of imperfect produce will also help to relieve the pressure on suppliers which have been struggling in the wake of the price war.
So next time you are in your local store, check out the Wonky Veg, and see if you can pick up a vegetable bargain.