Morrisons nappies severely burn baby boy

A one-year-old boy was left with severe chemical burns, just two days after switching to an own-brand pack of nappies sold by Morrisons.
Jo-Beth Dent, from Doncaster, Yorkshire, picked up the pack of 46 “little big stretch fit” nappies from the supermarket for £3.64, which her son Billy wore for only two days before he was left bleeding and burnt.
The single mum claimed that the whole ordeal has left her son traumatised, stating that he was unable to sit down, and screamed every time he moved.
The 25-year-old, who works at Asos, said: “After the second night of wearing them I changed his nappy and his bum was really badly red.
“It was getting worse and worse and I waited another few days before seeing the doctor, who was shocked. The doctor confirmed that it was an open wound. There was no skin it was just shiny and there was blood when I wiped him.
“I felt so guilty and I felt like it was my fault, he was screaming and he had started crawling and when he sat down on his bottom he started crying. Obviously I had to clean him but it caused him so much pain to have his nappy changed.
“The doctor gave me some steroid cream to put on the nappy because his wound was so bad I couldn’t put the cream on it.”
Since the doctor’s appointment, Ms Dent contacted Morrisons who told her “there was nothing they could do” about the burns. The mother, who is furious with their apparent lack of compassion, said that Billy’s burns began to heal about two weeks later.
A spokesperson for Morrisons said: “We take the safety of our nappies extremely seriously and ours contain materials that are tested carefully to make sure they don’t harm babies.
“Unfortunately, the customer has not been able to return their nappy so we can’t investigate it further but we can confirm no other customers experienced problems at the same time.”