Waitrose cutting overtime and Sunday pay to staff

John Lewis-owned Waitrose will stop paying its staff a higher rate for working on a Sunday, or for working overtime, it has been revealed.
New employees will receive a lower rate of pay for working these times, which are known as ‘unsociable hours’. This follows in the footsteps of a number of other companies who have been making changes to their staff payments.
For many companies, the reason for these changes has been attributed to the introduction of the National Living Wage on 1 April, which requires employers to pay employees earning the minimum wage a pay rise of 50p, if they are aged 25 and over.
It has been estimated by the British Retail Consortium that retailers could face annual costs of £1 billion to £3 billion as a result of the introduction of the National Living Wage.
It led to outcries from many businesses who argued it made it harder to keep as many employees on as they would want to have, as they now had to pay out more money to their staff.
Waitrose denies that its cuts are in response to the Living Wage however, saying that they were introduced back in February for other reasons. There are currently almost 60,000 people employed by the company.
A spokesperson for Waitrose said: “Changes were made by the John Lewis Partnership as a whole, to bring us in line with competitors. The Partnership assesses market rates and then we pay as much above that as performance deserves. This is why we have broad pay ranges, rather than spot rates.”
“Premium payments are no longer a feature of the market we compare pay rates to, and we planned these changes before National Living Wage was announced.”