Online grocery shopping rises 110 per cent in 5 years

One in ten people in Britain now buy all their groceries online, and almost half use the delivered-to-the-door services, as sales are expected to continue soaring online to £15billion by 2020.
Online grocery shopping now accounts for 6 per cent of total supermarket sales, an amount that has doubled since 2010. This is a huge amount, and represents huge potential loss which could have happened for the big four stores, if they hadn’t gotten online.
Indeed, Morrisons in particular seemed somewhat slow on the uptake of online services, and the chain has suffered considerably over the last few years.
The online market presented a chance for other companies to muscle in on the grocery scene, with the rise of Ocado and Amazon’s grocery service. Apparently, the sakes from these two have jumped by 110 per cent since 2010, to £2.3billion.
While dealing with this online, the Big Four stores have faced trouble in the real world, having to defend themselves against the likes of the German discount stores who stole large portions of the market with their appealingly low prices.
25-34 year olds seem to be the most likely to skip out on the supermarket aisles and do their shopping from the sofa or on-the-go, to save time, and, reportedly, money.
A third asked as part of a market analysis report by Mintel said that they prefer shopping online and that it helps them to keep track of the money that they are spending, and removes the factor of impulse buys, which can really crank up the cost of a weekly shop.
However, the other side of the coin is that some people have given up and moved away from online ordering as the produce they get can be of a bad quality. There have been many reports of food being delivered on its best before or use by date, and often the fresh foods like vegetables and fruit have arrived in a not-so-fresh state.
It is undeniable that the internet and connected devices are now an integral part of our daily lives, and they will become the thing that we rely on for more and more things, and online purchasing isn’t going to go away.