870 Sainsburys jobs at risk

Changes to the management structure of Sainsburys stores are putting 870 jobs at risk, says Unite union.
Despite recently taking over the Home Retail Group, for a reported £1.4billion, Sainsbury’s are now reorganising their management structure in-store, cutting hundreds of jobs.
The jobs at risk are those of the in-store trainers, which are seemingly now unnecessary position. Instead, the 870 positions will be replaced with 280 learning and development managers.
The current in-store trainers will be encouraged to apply for these 280 positions, but obviously, there are not enough positions going for this amount of people.
The store also reportedly said that they would aim to redistribute staff where it could, but that is far from a secure promise for those in this unfortunate position.
Unite expressed their “severe disappointment” at the announcement, stating “We appreciate that Sainsbury’s has a good record of redeployment of staff in these situations and we will be exploring every avenue to ensure continuing employment for our members.
“We are now entering the 45-day consultation period and will be having meetings with management.”