Tesco to end 24 hour stores to streamline business

Tesco’s latest attempt to curb expenses, save money, and get back to its former glory may see people who often end up doing a late night shop facing a closed door.
24 hour supermarkets have become very common, and can be very useful. However, Dave Lewis, CEO of Tesco, has announced that the stores currently open around the clock may now have a closing time, depending on how much late night footfall they get.
The stores that are affected are planned to close at midnight and open at 6am.
So far, it has been decided that two large Tesco Extra stores are to be shut, and it is thought that these are in London. It is thought that more stores will follow, across the country.
This is just another example of how Dave Lewis is making his mark by turning the chain around, and streamlining it. He halted the opening of 49 stores last year, instead focusing on consolidating the position of current stores and making them more efficient.
Tesco Ireland made a similar move last year.
The big four stores in the country have been streamlining and trying to become more efficient, and it was found that altogether, supermarket have undergone the biggest downsize in a decade, and Morrisons have sold off a large amount of floor space in their convenience stores.
The work of people like Dave Lewis have seen the superstores begin to turn around in the wake of the price war, and we may soon see the big four fighting back against the discount stores which are expanding throughout the country.