Morrisons shuts stores as Aldi generates jobs

Morrisons bosses have announced a series of stores which they will cut in an attempt to revitalise the chain.
Having taken over in March, new leader of the company, David Potts, has been removing the company’s loss-making baggage. Having sold 140 convenience stores recently to try and make the company more efficient, closing 10 more supermarkets, and cutting office jobs and leadership jobs alike.
Now, 900 more jobs will be put at risk as 11 more Morrisons stores are to close. There is no timeline for the closures as of yet, but the stores have been named. Stores in West Bromwich, Salford, Burnham on Sea, Castleton, Clevedon, Little Hulton, Northallerton, Oldbury, Shildon, stretham and Tyldesley will all face closure.
Highlighting market changes over the last few years, however, Morrisons has cut jobs and shrunk, but discount store Aldi is expanding and generating jobs.
The German discount store chain is expanding throughout the North East of the country, and is recruiting in Newcastle, Sunderland and South Shields.
This is good news for the people in the area, as data from the Office of National Statistics has said that the rate of people not in work rose to 8.5 per cent from May to July, in the North East.
Neil Foster, Northern TUC policy and campaigns officer, said: “Government ministers would have you believe we are all enjoying an economic recovery and the economy is successfully rebalancing towards the North, but today’s jobs figures tell a different story… Alarm bells should be ringing.”
Aldi will be apparently be doing their bit, to help reverse these figures, but overly hasty expansion has caused problems for the big four supermarkets.