Stores back out of Black Friday

Alongside Asda, Aldi have also pulled out of taking part in Black Friday, insisting that they already strive to give the best deals every day.
Over the last few years, Black Friday has made its way over from American and rooted itself in our stores and our collective consciousness. It is the day in which to get the best deals on the run up to Christmas, and sort yourself and the family out for the festive time.
However, the event has suffered from seriously bad publicity; in past years, people have gotten hurt from stampeding and fighting over the limited time deals, and video footage of customers brawling has made its shocking way to the news media.
Earlier in the month, Asda, which was one of the first to bring the day-long deals into the UK from its American roots, announced it would be pulling out of Black Friday for 2015. Aldi, too, have now renounced the event, on the grounds that it claims to bring the best deals to customers every day and not just on Black Friday.
Martin Lewis, the founder of has said that a large portion of Black Friday deals “aren’t special” and urged people not to get too carried away with the day.
“There are, of course, the much-hyped huge discounts of single items like giant TVs. Yet the stock on these is so limited, they’re far more akin to competitions than offers. With thousands of people trying to get them, it’s a lottery,” he is reported saying.
No doubt deal hungry customers will be whipped into a frenzy in stores other than Asda and Aldi across the country, but could this be the beginning of the end of Black Friday in the UK?