Iceland cheapest for Christmas dinner

Research has found that if you need a cheap Christmas dinner, the place to go is Iceland, where prices are so low you can feed a family of eight for well under a fiver per head.
Possibly as a result of the price war, it seems the Christmas feast is going to be cheap this year, with Iceland offering the lowest prices on the 11 essential ingredients for a traditional Christmas dinner.
This is the second year in a row that Iceland have been classed as the store with the cheapest Christmas grub.
Overall, Iceland can feed eight people for £24.81, just £3.10 per person. This is £3.03 less than Christmas 2014.
This is all according to research carried out by the Good Housekeeping Institute, as it has been reported, and the research goes on to note that it is possible, by shopping around and getting the best deals on individual parts of the festive meal, that it would be possible to feed eight for £20.26.
Second best in the runnings was Tesco, followed by Morrisons. Surprisingly, the discount stores Aldi and Lidl came in at 4th and 6th most cheapest, respectively (offering the same goods for £30.31 and £31.96). This is surprising for stores which rely on having the cheapest deals.
The big stores have had to reduce their deals in order to compete and try and stop families going elsewhere for their groceries and festive needs. With the year that the big four have had, they can’t afford to keep coming last in the runnings for much longer.
All prices are subject to change.