Consumer group continues to campaign for fair supermarket deals

Consumer defender Which? has reported that supermarkets are breaking the law when it comes to the amount of time they have products on offer.
Last month, they launched a “super-complaint” to the regulator in their on-going battle against consumer manipulation.
They argue that selling products under an offer price for longer than they have been under the original price is against the law.
“From dodgy multi-buys to baffling sales offers, many retailers are creating the illusion of savings that don’t exist,” the consumer advocate said.
Apparently, these promotions often break the law and lull customers into thinking they are getting a better deal than they actually are, and cause people to spend money where they wouldn’t if they knew the full facts.
40 per cent of groceries by revenue are, apparently, sold under promotion. With the amount that is spent on groceries each year (reportedly about £115 billion), the amount that is being spent under false pretences could, collectively, be huge, even if just a small per cent of overall sales are misleading.
Issues that Which? have raised with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have included multi-buys, larger-pack-better-value deals and seasonal offers.
“Despite Which? repeatedly exposing misleading and confusing pricing tactics, and calling for voluntary change by the retailers, these dodgy offers remain on numerous supermarket shelves. Shoppers think they’re getting a bargain but in reality it’s impossible for any consumer to know if they’re genuinely getting a fair deal,” said Richard Lloyd, the executive director for Which?
It is no secret that the supermarkets have suffered a lot over the last year in the price war, and have struggled to retain market shares and supermarket staff members.
Which? are continuing to campaign in the name of the consumer, but if the supermarkets will change their ways while they are still struggling will have to remain to be seen.