Choclatier loses chief executive after continued profit issues

The chief executive of Thorntons, Jonathan Hart, has announced his resignation after the premium chocolate supplier suffered some major setbacks and falls in sales over the last six months.
One of the most high profile suppliers to have been affected by the price war, Thorntons announced a profit warning before Christmas, and saw some major supermarkets restrict the shelf space of Thorntons products.
The chocolate supplier has also closed down a lot of its own high street shops in order to save money and cut expenses, as part of the plan that Mr. Hart instigated when he took the helm of the company in 2011.
Moving from Cafe Nero to join Thorntons, Hart set about giving the premium chocolate supplier a revamp and a boost to business.
Under his guidance, many high street outlets of the chocolate giant were closed, even before the price war issues put strain on the chain.
Thorntons is lucky in that it is a large supplier, and is more likely to be able to weather the damage of the price war.
Other suppliers, however, may not be so lucky as the big stores have put pressure on them. The price paid to dairy suppliers for milk is infamously low, and it has been reported in the past that milk has been bought off the dairy farmers for lower than the actual cost it takes to produce the milk.
Once the major stores involved in the price war, Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Sainsbury’s have stabilised themselves, hopefully the benefits will trickle down to the suppliers and help them get back on their feet.