Survey suggests Tesco is making a comeback

Finally, Tesco are experiencing some good news.
Among the chaos of a price war, a huge accounting scandal last year, continued profit slumps and senior staff reshuffles, a confidence boosting ray of light has spotlighted them as Britain’s favourite supermarket.
The odds seem pretty stacked against the biggest store in the country, with people looking elsewhere, particularly with discount stores like Aldi, but it seems that the price war has only been affecting surface opinions, and the habitual shopping routines of Britain’s household haven’t been swayed away from the grocer giant.
A wider selection of branded products and the Tesco Clubcard were cited as main reasons for Tesco’s popularity.
Money saving website carried out a poll and found that almost 29% of the population voting selected Tesco as their favourite supermarket. In fact, just over a third of those who voted for the store said that they would previously have selected one of the budget stores such as Aldi or Lidl as their favourite, but instead now have been won over by the biggest chain in the country.
It is possible that the popularity of the budget store chains are declining, but economic figures still suggest that these stores are growing in market share and thus popularity.
The CEO of VoucherCodesPro, the company who carried out the survey, Nick Swan, said “Tesco had a bad year in 2014, but they seem to have had a recovery of sorts in the early months of 2015. Aldi and Lidl really stole a lot of customers from Tesco and other major supermarkets, in 2014 with their discounted prices, but it would seem that Tesco has stolen those customers straight back.”