Anti halal protestor faces trial for racially aggravated damage to a Sainsburys store

A man has admitted to causing criminal damage, but not that his actions were racially motivated, after plastering anti halal meat stickers on produce in a Sainsburys store in Greater Manchester.
Liam Edwards, 29 and father of two, walked into the supermarket and plastered stickers which read “BEWARE! Halal is barbaric and funds terrorism #BanHalal” on the packaging of several meat products.
He was halted by security and the police were called. The officers later searched his home and found evidence he had browsed anti-Islamic websites.
The officers also found cannabis in his home, and so in addition to racially motivated criminal damage, Edwards had also been charged with possession.
Appearing in court about the incident which took place on 18 February, Edwards admitted to criminal damage and possession of an illegal drug, but denied his actions were racially motivated, and that he was protesting against halal meat products as an animal rights activist.
Holly Holden, prosecuting, said that “The point about animal slaughter can be expressed in a different way without suggesting halal and terrorism is linked.”
Edwards is facing trial for racially aggravated criminal damage, despite his protests, and because the stickers could not be removed from the packaging of the chicken, and so the products had to be destroyed, totalling a value of £16.50.
For the meantime, Edwards has been released on bail, with the condition he does not go near the Sainsbury’s store in question.
Tescos, Asda, and Morrisons all list halal products online, although it has been a point of contention at certain times. On the one hand, people claim it is a cruel way to kill animals for their meat, as they are required to be conscious as their throats are cut, but on the other, to not stock it would be to discriminate against people of faith.
Sainsbury’s faced dire criticism last year after removing faith-based products from shelves in order to protect itself from protestors.
Whether Mr Edwards will be found guilty of racially aggravated criminal damage will be determined on 23 July.