New survey puts Waitrose at the top of the UK favourite supermarkets

Waitrose has been named the UK’s top supermarket, according to an annual survey, seeing another year in which one of the big four stores have missed out on the top spot.
Last year, discounter Aldi came top in the same survey, whereas the premium store Waitrose took the top spot this year, beating Aldi (who still achieved second place) by just one percentage point.
The overall customer score for Waitrose was 73%. Aldi scored 72%, while Lidl, Iceland and Marks and Spencer scored 69%.
The main four supermarkets in the UK, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys, who have been embroiled in a in a price war since mid 2014, all scored relatively low, ranging from 60% (Tesco) to 63% (Morrisons). As the goliaths have been fighting it out, customers seem to be more satisfied with those stores that focus on value for money or helpful staff.
Tesco was highlighted as being a fairly untrustworthy store, an unsurprising conclusion considering the negative publicity the company has suffered over the last year, including giant accounting black holes and senior staff suspensions and dismissals.
However, those at the top aren’t necessarily perfect. Aldi scored low for social and environmental responsibility.
This survey seems to reflect the general mood that people have towards the superstores at the moment. Despite lowered prices and fierce competition, the big four stores, and particularly superstore behemoth Tesco, has lost market share and have suffered blows in profit and staff.
Turning from these, people are going to the discount stores and increasing their market shares, as well as to the premium stores and giving more custom to them.
In time the market may settle back into the shape we used to see, with the main four supermarkets dominating with confidence, or we may see a complete change which will make or break the different businesses.