How to get your hands on fuel for less than a pound per litre

A new offer by a supermarket has finally broken the pound per litre fuel price threshold we’ve all been hoping to see crossed, but it is only available to some and only then for a short time.
In order to qualify for the 10p off a litre of fuel deal, customers must shop at Sainsburys, either in store or online, including at convenience stores, and spend £30 or more. They then can get a voucher that qualifies them for the extra money off.
Once a customer has qualified for the discount, they can then use the extra 10p off to sneak under the pound per litre threshold.
It is estimated that a driver of a family saloon car could save as much as £12 per fill up now, compared to the same week last year, highlighting how much fuel prices have plummeted.
However, the overall low prices on the forecourts couldn’t last, and this deal from Sainsbury’s won’t either.
Starting on the 26 February, it is set to last only a week until 04 March.
The RAC are a fan of the deal by the supermarket. Simon Williams, a spokesperson for the group, said: “Motorists will have noticed pump prices edging up in recent weeks after reaching a five-year record low as a result of the recovery in the price of Brent crude and subsequent increase in wholesale fuel prices”.
This deal, although temporary, will help to prolong the low cost prices motorists are enjoying for just a bit longer.