Hoax Aldi voucher tricks customers

A warning has been given regarding an internet scam selling fake vouchers for German discount store Aldi.
Bargain hunting shoppers may be caught out in a scam, which is targeting those looking to get the best deals from the discount supermarket. An online scam offered people 40 per cent off all purchases at the store, and Aldi have spoken out that it is a fake that is under investigation.
Making use of the burgeoning Christmas supermarket flood, the fake deal claims to run out on 31 December, and can be used on all items in Aldi stores.
The hoax coupon may be being used to gather data on people, such as email addresses, and has been shared on Facebook.
With 500 stores across the UK and Ireland, the up-and-coming store has a large influence on the market.
In fact, its market share has been proudly growing over the last few years, taking customers from the big four stores, particularly Tesco who have dropped a lot market share.
One of the give-aways that the voucher is a scam is that the expiry date is in the American date configuration (mm/dd/yyyy).
Aldi themselves have Tweeted and posted on Facebook, saying “We are aware that there is a hoax 40% off Aldi voucher being circulated. This post is fraudulent and cannot be redeemed in store. We strongly advise you not to enter any personal details on this website. This is currently being fully investigated. Thank you.”