Back to school season could see another spark in supermarket rivalry

The price war between the big four stores has eased off somewhat over the last few months, but now we could be facing yet another, as the supermarkets gear up to face off on the back-to-school battleground.
September will see children of all ages drag their feet on the way back into school for the autumn, and some to start for the first time. This means that a lot of parents will need a lot of new uniforms, stationary, lunchboxes, bags… the opportunities for stores to make sales is endless.
It is reported that Sainsburys will be running a brand match deal across certain aspects of its store, while also offering 25 per cent off of stationary products, and Asda are competing with deals such as two blouses for £3.
Tesco will be trying to trim down the massive selection of products they offer and stop customers being overwhelmed by the sheer number crowding the shelves. “As part of our work to make the shopping trip easier for customers, we will be simplifying our range of products over the next few weeks. These changes will ensure we continue to offer customers the best choice of products, as well as improving the availability of the most popular items” said a spokesman for the superstore.
While Tesco will also be reviewing and editing their sales and shelf-space priorities to put more emphasis on own brand products, Morrisons is thought to be taking a more back seat approach to this intense season and focusing inwards on their manufacturing links.
Hopefully, for their own sake, the supermarkets will have learned over the last year and not make the same mistakes which led them to lose out on huge portions of market share, and let the discount stores gain and grow.