Supermarket Asda emergency recall on baby dummy

A supermarket has issued an emergency recall as a precaution after it was reported one of its products posed a risk to babies.
Product quality is often overlooked as a possible danger, but when it comes to items like dummies for babies, you can never be too careful.
On the grounds of a “precaution”, Asda have issued a recall for the Little Angels range’s dummies, or soothers.
This is because a parent has complained on Facebook that the dummy came apart in her new born baby’s mouth, causing a possible, and frightening choking hazard.
“These [Little Angels 2 Newborn Soothers 0+ Months] are sold in twin packs, the shield is clear and the plug on the front has a number of different designs,” the store said.
“We have had one customer complaint that the teat has broken away and detached from the hard casing, so we have taken the precaution of taking the product off sale and recalling from customers due to the possible risk of choking.”
This is not the first time that Asda have had to recall a dummy as a result of faulty build quality potentially causing a hazard. It happened in January 2013, it is reported, with a dummy from the same range.
“The care and safety of our customers is our top priority, which is why we are recalling the product even though there has been only one complaint and we are yet to conduct our investigation,” the statement continued.
“We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.”
The affected items are sold in twin packs, have a number of different, simple patterns on the plug, and the shield is clear.