Good news for drivers as fuel prices fall in another price war

Drivers can rejoice at the news that petrol and diesel prices are coming down again.
The strength of the pound coupled with the Scottish referendum vote and the wholesale price of fuel being relatively low, have given the supermarkets leeway to make this new drive in their price war.
Profits are still low for the big four stores, with Tesco especially suffering and having to fast track in a new finance chief.
Asda and Sainsburys have already reduced the prices on their forecourts this summer, and now Asda will be reducing petrol prices by up to 1p a litre, and diesel by 2p per litre.
Tesco has also apparently pledged to reduce fuel prices by up to 5p per litre, and Sainsbury’s, who started this fuel price reduction, will also reduce prices by 5p.
Now is a good time to reduce prices as parents have gotten back into the swing of doing the school runs and are in need of more petrol than during the summer holidays.
Those not caught up in the price war, like the small local outlets, or even larger franchises like Shell, may see customers head to the cheaper priced options at superstores instead.