Concept supermarket opens in Berlin to make shopping more sustainable

A new concept supermarket has been opened in Germany. Berlin’s Original Unverpackt skips out on packaging and lets people bring their own containers to pick up their groceries in.
The push to make shopping more green and sustainable is becoming attractive to a large number of people, and the owners of this new store, Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, hope to appeal to these people, bring them in and give them a more sustainable alternative to the millions of plastic packaging and shopping bags used every year.
When going to the store, customers have to bring their own containers, whatever they may be, and have them weighed upon entry. The containers are labelled with their weight, customers go and fill them up with fruit and vegetables, and they are weighed again at the end.
The start weight is subtracted and the customer pays by weight for the contents of the container.
This novel approach to shopping isn’t exactly new. There is reportedly a similar store in Texas, USA, and we even had a similar shop here in the UK which unfortunately closed down over the last couple of years.
This take on grocery shopping is in a vein that is becoming more appealing to customers. In light of controversies such as supermarkets wasting huge amounts of food, this approach would help cut down on the carbon footprints of the big stores. This greener movement has been seen recently as a Sainsburys became powered by unused food.
If the Original Unverpackt takes off in Germany, we could see it spread, become international, and even one day open in the UK! After all, that is exactly what Aldi managed.