Asda worker fired after stealing charity donations

A woman got sacked from an Asda superstore last week after going on trial for stealing from a charity donation pot that she helped to raise.
Sandra Ramsay, 36, is reported to have admitted in court that she stole £123 from the supermarket where she worked in Staffordshire.
Ms Ramsay shaved her head for charity in support of her co-worker, Deb Barnett, who had beaten breast cancer, and raised the money for charity.
Ramsay, a mother of two, took the money to deliver to the charity, but while it was sitting in her home, she gave into temptation and took some of the money.
By repeatedly dipping into the pot in order to buy her children dinner and presents eventually amounted to theft totalling £123.
“She said she didn’t go over the top, it was just £10 or £20 at a time but before she knew it, it had gone,” said Steve Knowles, prosecuting in the matter.
Ramsay was also supposedly found to have been stealing clothes from the store on CCTV, which prompted an enquiry to the charity as to whether they had received the donation from Ms Ramsay.
Ramsay avoided jail, but was ordered to pay £650 compensation, 60 hours unpaid community service and also lost her job at the supermarket.
Unfortunately, this kind of action can put people off donating to charities, but hopefully the actions of Ms Ramsay won’t impede any charitable events or donations in the future.