Aldi set to build more stores and generate more jobs

Aldi have announced plans that will generate approximately 35,000 jobs in the UK by 2022.
As it opens up another 1,000 stores, the German discount store will provide jobs for many people.
The supermarket has recently gained a larger portion of the market from the big four supermarkets that have, until recently, completely dominated the grocery sector.
This latest push to acquire more of the market will require the investment of £600 million in order to build the new stores and get them running.
Aldi now holds a reported 4.8% of the market in the country, much less than Tesco, but their shares are rising just as Tesco’s are falling. People have begun turning to the discounters as the main four shops, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, began to charge too much. This then led to the stores getting into the recent price war.
42 stores were opened by Aldi last year, 54 this year, and they are on track to open many more next year. As the price war between the big stores rages on, Aldi are attracting more customers and expanding; they are generating a lot of profit and providing us with jobs.