Supermarkets are the Best Places to Find Love

A study by the marketing app Shopitize has found that supermarkets are one of the most popular places to pick up dates.
Instead of picking up a bargain, six per cent of us have apparently managed to pick up someone’s phone number when out doing the weekly shop, and two per cent of people researched ended up marrying someone they had met in the supermarket.
“Supermarkets are teeming with singles popping in to grab something on their way home from work so of course they make a great place to meet someone new. Our shopping habits reveal a lot about us so just one glance at someone’s shopping basket can give us a glimpse into their lifestyle and likes” said the CEO of Shopitize, Carl Engelmarc.
Dr David Holmes of Manchester Metropolitan University, a psychologist, agreed with the findings. He said that darkened clubs and bars are the worst times to be seeking a partner. “In contrast, in the clear light of the supermarket aisle, the contents of our trolley will say more about our personalities and habits than interrogation by a dating website.”
People are more likely to engage naturally in conversation in the clear, sober light of a supermarket, with many topics lined up on the shelves to help break the ice. So if you are on the lookout for ‘the one’, skip the dating websites and head on out to get your groceries.