Sainsburys Involvement with Illegal Immigrant

Sainsbury’s has encountered some issues this week with reports of illegal immigrants working for the car wash company that operates on their land.
We have all seen, and probably hired, the car washers who work in supermarket car parks. You can get your car washed while you shop, usually at fairly low cost and at zero effort, making them a popular venture for a lot of shoppers.
But this week Sainsbury’s reputation has been somewhat damaged by involvement with illegal immigrants.
An immigration raid on the car park in the early hours of the afternoon led to the reported arrest of three Nigerian men and one Ugandan man.
This obviously calls into question why there were illegal immigrants working in the Kiln Lane, Epsom store car park at all.
Sainsburys did not directly hire the men as it was a separate company who worked in conjunction with Sainsbury’s. They have, however, refused to elaborate on their connection with the car washing business.
“We cannot divulge any details of the relationship between Sainsbury’s and its suppliers” a spokesman for the superstore said. When questioned about the responsibility to check the workers for visas and identification, the spokesman added “Responsibility on these things ultimately lies with the supplier.”