A Supermarket Shoplifter Who Wanted to Get Caught

A Tesco store in Huddersfield was the scene of an odd crime in which the offender intended to be caught.
Alan Wilde, of no fixed address, walked into the store, picked a bottle of sherry from the shelves and walked towards the exit. He reportedly then drank it in front of a security guard and, as magistrates were told, said “I won’t pay for this, I want arresting.”
Prosecutors added, “He said that he was sleeping on the streets and didn’t want to start taking drugs again so he’d taken the sherry for the purpose of being arrested”.
Mr. Wilde has a history of convictions, reported to have over 100 to his name. He had previously been in rehab in Manchester, but had been removed because of a relationship.
Paul Blanchard who was mitigating, made the comment that Wilde “has lost his way in the world” and in an attempt to avoid temptations, he wanted to get arrested, preferring the structure of the prison system to living on the streets.
Wilde, 44, was granted his wish and is now in custody for the next 16 weeks. What happens after is dependent on the system, without aid, Mr. Wilde could well repeat his supermarket offence to get put back inside.