Superstores Continue to Reduce their Carbon Footprint

As the fleets of vehicles used by supermarkets to haul goods across the country grows, alternative and cleaner fuels are being invested into.
By 2015, ASDA is aiming to have a 10% absolute reduction in its carbon footprint, and is reportedly doing so by investing in new trucks that can run on dual fuel systems, a new refuelling depot for the trucks, and are reorganising their operations to save 90,000 journeys a year.
Sainsburys, similarly, are supposedly investing in having 50 of their delivery trucks upgraded to be fitted with a Genesis-Edge systems which will allow them to run on two fuel types that will result in greener emissions.
The deal Sainsbury’s have struck is with Clean Air Power, providers of the Genesis-Edge system and the 50 new retrofitted trucks will be added to 48 that Sainsbury’s already have on the road.