A Shocking Asda Delivery

A surprise for herself and for fellow shoppers, a woman from Coalville went into such sudden labour she had no choice but to deliver her baby in an Asda car park.
Last week, expectant mother Jessica Sansom popped down to the local supermarket to pick up some items when she felt sudden pain as she was approaching the store’s entrance. Having only enough time to shout to a fellow shopper to run inside and seek aid, Ms. Sansom had no choice but to lie down and have the baby right there in the car park.
Having had no signs of labour, despite being six day past her due date, there seemed no immediate worry that the baby, Holly, would make such a sudden appearance.
Ms. Sansom was aided by her fellow shoppers, especially Allison Chapman who acted as the midwife and helped to deliver the healthy, 8lb 4oz Holly into the world.
Holly is Ms. Sansom’s second child, and her first little boy, McKenzie who is two years old, was with his mother when his sister was born.
Supermarket car-park births aren’t unheard of however, as last April Stuart and Alison Anderson had to pull into a supermarket car park on their way to the hospital because their baby Iona couldn’t wait to be born!
Ms. Sansom and her new baby were soon united with the father, Jon Jackubecz, and the couple went off to the hospital, only to be discharged a few hours later with a clean bill of health.