Asda Roll Out 3D Customer Scanner to 50 UK Stores

Ever wanted an eight inch model of yourself? Well Asda are bringing you the solution.
3D printing has been at the forefront of the technological steps forward over the last year, and now it is coming to a supermarket near you.
Currently only available at the Trafford Park store in Manchester, Asda are offering a service that can scan you and turn you into a small figurine with a £60 price tag.
This is a full scale follow up to a project Asda carried out earlier this year where customers could have a figurine made of them using a hand held scanner which could take up to 30 minutes, but with the new, first-of-its-kind full body scanner, the process reportedly only takes 12 seconds.
Rolling out across 50 stores nationwide in August and September, the scanner/figurine service comes from the combined might of both Asda and the Artec Group, the company responsible for the technology.
The 3D selfies, or “shapies” as they are being called, will take and estimated week to be made, so a return trip to pick up your new figurine is required.