Supermarket accused of Food hygiene breach

A branch of Asda in Hartlepool is under scrutiny after claims by one of its own staff members that it is not meeting food hygiene standards.
The unnamed staff member reported that frozen foods were left to defrost before being used to restock the freezers. This would be a large breach of food hygiene as bacteria can breed on the defrosted food and then be preserved when it is refrozen, increasing the chance of causing food poisoning.
However, an internal inquiry was immediately launched, and the Marina Way store was deemed up-to-scratch and safe, although staff members have reportedly undergone further training as a preventative measure.
While Asda may have scared some customers off, Morrisons are trying to make each shopper’s experience a little easier by removing the frustrating £1 trolley locks we have all struggled with at one time or another.
The nationwide change will affect about half of all stores, removing the locks on some 150,000 trolleys, means that customers will have to deal with one less frustrating inconvenience during their weekly shop.
Research by the supermarket highlighted that 43 percent of customers found the locks, which were implemented to prevent theft, inconvenient and over a quarter said they do not always have the right change.
Morrisons has said that it is confident other preventative measures, like CCTV and bollards will be enough to prevent theft, which can lead to the supermarket being fined should the trolleys be found by authorities.