Supermarkets start petrol price war

Asda and Tesco have both cut the cost of fuel, which could potentially start a price war.
Both supermarket giants reduced the cost of petrol by up to 2p a litre yesterday (January 14th), with Asda introducing a nationwide cap of 126.7p a litre for unleaded and 133.7p for diesel.
Asda’s petrol trading director Andy Peake said: “With the latest price cut, we’re now seeing the lowest price on diesel since July 2012.”
“We’ve quickly passed on the latest reductions in costs, which is great news for motorists, particularly with household budgets so stretched after Christmas,” he added.
AA president Edmund King echoed that fuel price reductions at the pumps will bring a sigh of relief to many drivers, particularly after the festive period when finances can be stretched. He hoped that other supermarkets and fuel retailers would follow suit to avoid a fuel-price lottery based on proximity to certain supermarkets.
Chancellor George Osborne has promised to freeze fuel duty at 57.95p – where it has been since 2011 – until 2015.