Lidl and Aldi dishwasher tablets triumph

Lidl and Aldi have outshone their supermarket rivals when it comes to own-brand dishwasher tablets.
In a survey by Which?, the budget retailers were only beaten by Fairy when it came to the best-performing tablets.
However, these chart-topping products worked at out 40p per wash, whereas Lidl and Aldi – in second and third place respectively – would cost just 10p each time you used them.
Fairy was awarded a score of 84 out of 100, but the budget retailers were not far behind with 80 and 77 each. 
At the bottom end of the list was Asda with 41 and Morrisons with a lowly 36.
Which? tested 17 dishwasher tablets and rated them based on price and general efficiency from after cleaning plates and cutlery, to whether or not they removed especially resilient food stains, such as dried-on milk, tea, egg yolk and starchy spaghetti. 
It commented consumers could save £100 each year by switching to a product such as Lidl’s or Aldi’s, as the authors commented such tablets “impressed us in all of our rigorous cleaning tests”.