Tesco Make Price Cuts and Expand to Claw Back Market Shares

In an attempt to claw back some of the market share from discounters like Aldi and Lidl, Tesco has announced their most recent price cuts, whilst expanding by building more stores.
By reportedly cutting the prices on 30 common household staples, Tesco claim to be able to save families £96 a year. And they are hitting close to home for those who love their morning fry-up, by cutting prices on the ingredients of a full English breakfast.
Free range eggs, baked beans, un-smoked bacon, tomatoes and wholemeal bread, all from Tesco’s own brand, have all been reduced, among others.
It has also cracked down on its online shopping prices by reducing the price on their home delivery system and customers can now select one-hour delivery slots to receive their shopping for just £1.
In addition to this, Tesco have purchased a 3.5 acre area of land in Saltash, where they plan to build a new store to be opened in 2015.
This new store will provide jobs for an estimate 225 people.
“There is still good demand from the big four supermarkets for well located sites”, so says Spencer Wilson from DTZ, the retail agency who helped sell the land to Tesco. “Changing trends in shopping patterns due to the rise of online shopping has resulted in operators changing the range of store sizes they will consider.”
Apparently customers are foregoing the traditional weekly shop in favour of several smaller shops throughout the week that smaller, more convenient stores are more suited for.
Some experts are now beginning to wonder whether the big four supermarkets will continue to exist as they are in today’s market, but hopefully for the employees of Tesco, these new moves and slight adaptations will help the brand to keep going strong.