Temporary Sainsburys Store to Aid Renovation of Redhill Town Centre

The innovative use of a temporary supermarket in Redhill in Surrey is being considered in order to bring forward the completion of the redevelopment of the town centre by six months.
Opening a temporary Sainsburys trading outlet in a Redhill car park will help to boost profits for all involved, including the council, and significantly reduce the disruption to the town centre that renovations will cause.
The current Sainsbury’s store will undergo major renovations, and instead of staying open during construction, which would make the changes harder to implement and take longer, Sainsbury’s is “fully investigating” the option to open a temporary store so that the old one can be closed and fully refurbished much quicker.
Councillor Natalie Bramhall said that “it means that this key regeneration project can be completed six months earlier, which is great news for residents, businesses and shoppers, as well as reducing disruption to our town centre. It will also secure earlier increased income for the council.”
The council will gain from this deal by the additional income from renting out the car park to Sainsbury’s and business rates will be paid earlier due to the renovations being completed earlier.
As well as the new Sainsbury’s refurbishment, there is also to be a gym and a hotel built in the town centre of Redhill, as well as a new car park. The renovations should generate at least 300 new jobs.